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Big Island Bay Scallop Solitaire

$ 95.00

These brightly colored, symmetrical, fan-shaped shells of scallops are highly valued by shell collectors and have been used since ancient times in art, architecture and design. As seen in the myriad of paintings of Venus, the Scallop shell is ever present, acting as almost a trademark for the Roman goddess of love and fertility.

Now, this classic image has been re-created into a modern and fun motif, rendered in bold bright orange on a crisp natural background.

    • 20" x 20”
    • Poly Linen - 100% Polyester / Medium Weight.
    • Piped Seams/ Concealed Zipper Closure. 
    • Tracy Upton Original Design on Front Only.
    • Hand Wash Cold / Air Dry.
    • 95/5 Feather Down Insert.