In the Studio...Everyone is an Artist!

People often say, "Oh!  I'm not artistic at all!"   Well, I believe everyone is creative and everyone can do art, most of us just were never encouraged to do so.  The only difference between you and an artist is that an artist learned to cultivate their creativity.  All too often, people consider art fluff, and they do not see the value of spending time making art.  They do not realize that if you simply practice art, there is no way that you will not get better.  By practice, I don't mean practice getting it right.  I mean practice letting everything you know go.  Paint a tree purple or hot pink! Make a mess!
 Let your creativity just flow without judging or interrupting!
When I'm with my kids, one of their favorite things is to play hooky from school and visit the art studio!  When we are there, I try to say as little as possible.  I just let them do their thing.  As I see it, time in the studio is just as valuable as time in any classroom.  Time in the studio means our kid learns to think creatively, with an open mind and without judgement.  They learn to express feelings, with or without words.  Through the experience of painting, they discover that there is more than one right answer and there are multiple points of view.   They get to figure things out on their own terms and getting to know yourself. Arts build their confidence.  By trusting in their art, they learn to trust in themselves.  Because there is not just one right way to make art, every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations. 

Copyright © Tracy Upton 2016