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14K Large Gemstone Rondelles

$ 750.00
These 14k gold and gemstone rondelles can be worn alone, or combined together and with charms on a leather chord or gold chain.   The possibilities are endless.  

Even though the name suggests “round,” the shape is more like that of an oval. The center diameter of each rondelles is about 2.8-3mm, just wide enough so that they fit on a 2.5mm necklace. Any chain wider than 2.5mm will be too big. Each Rondelle has 12 1.3mm round gemstones and measures 8.2-11.3mm in size. The 14k gold looks beautiful with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or turquoise. You will find that it seems like one is just prettier than the next! The stones cut with slight facets reflect and refract light in a way that augments the brilliance of the rest of the necklace. Be careful, you may become addicted!

You can create all sorts of fantastic color combinations and stories with your gemstone rondelles. The rondelles look amazing on a 2.5mm Rolo or Box chain.