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Bahama Queen Conch Green 20" x 20"

$ 300.00
Queen Conch are everywhere in the Bahamas, and represent a huge part of Bahamian culture.  Their gorgeous pink spiral shells are widely peddled on beaches and eaten in restaurants.

For millions of years, conchs have rested in the warm, mostly shallow waters of our planet.  Sadly, their  habitat is just one factor contributing to their currently dwindling numbers—pollution has destroyed their preferred seagrass beds, and shallow waters, where juveniles in particular cluster, are all too easy for humans to infiltrate.   They move slowly and have no line of defense.  Even with a lot of stringent protection laws to protect them, conchs are not recovering well. It takes five to six years for a conch to reach sexual maturity, so that’s up to six long years it remains vulnerable to humans and other natural predators (crabs, lobster, sharks) before it can mate and reproduce. In short, it ain’t easy being a conch. 

Materials: Original signed acrylic painting on canvas.

Size: 20" x 20"

Frame details: unframed on 1 ½ "profile canvas with painted sides, eliminating the need for framing altogether.

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