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Egyptian Ouboros Serpent Ring

$ 485.00

14kt Yellow gold with turquoise stone centered in the head and ruby-set eyes, the ring is an ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ouroboros (Ouro, meaning "tail," and Boros meaning "eating"), a snake eating its own tail. In medieval alchemical tradition, it was often taken to symbolize eternity and continual renewal of life....wholeness or infinity.

In 1839 the snake was to become one of the most iconic motifs in jewellery. This was when Queen Victoria was engaged to Prince Albert and received a continuous snake ring, which signified everlasting love for eternity, with an emerald, her birthstone, centered in its head. Queen Victoria’s ring set a trend throughout England, and eventually throughout Europe, for a range of snake rings, coil-style flexible necklaces and bracelets with gem-set heads, as well snake brooches, cuffs, bangles, and hoop and drop earrings that featured a snake slinking around a gemstone.

Choose from 14k yellow gold, Turquoise, Emerald, or Ruby gem-set Head Stone with Ruby, Black Diamond, or Emerald stone eyes.

Materials: 14K gold, emerald, sapphire, ruby, turquoise

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