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14k Pave Diamond JUMBO Mixed Link Chain

$ 5,500.00
The JUMBO mixed link chain says it all! The pave diamond JUMBO mixed link says even more. With 8, eye catching, pavé diamond white gold oval links, this version of the JUMBO necklace is exceptional.

Modeled after the vintage trombone style pocket watch chain, both the semi hollow and solid gold DIAMOND JUMBO mixed link chain options are 100%, 14K yellow gold with pave diamond white gold links. The semi hollow option is 100% 14K gold. It is NOT vermeil or gold plated. The semi hollow chain is not nearly as heavy as a the solid gold version of the chain, which allows for a more affordable price point. Despite the lighter weight, the chain is very sturdy and substantial. Many clients are quite happy with their beautiful semi hollow necklace. If, however, a heavier weighted chain is one of your top criteria, the solid gold version is definitely the way to go, and worth the time and investment. The 14k solid gold version is made to order, and takes about 3 weeks. 18K gold is available upon request.

OPTION A: 14kt gold Semi Hollow with white gold pave diamond links
14kt gold
Round links measure 10mm
18” weighs 17.1 grams
20” Weighs 19.4 grams.
14 circle links at the back
Lobster clasp.

OPTION B: 14K Solid Gold with white gold pave diamond links. Made upon ordering. Takes 3-5 weeks.
18" Weighs approximately 60 grams
Lobster or round clasp available
*18K gold available upon request.

Materials: semi hollow,white gold,pave diamond,14 k gold