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Purple Cowrie

$ 165.00

The Snake Head Cowrie is found under the coral rocks in the Indo-Pacific, from the East African Coast to the Hawaiian coasts.  It is dark brown and oval shaped, with a white spotted, and raised central area.  A white mantle line runs along the top of the shell, and a gorgeous purple coloring hides just underneath it in a lower layer of the shell.  When the Snake Head Cowrie is dipped into an acidic formula, its beautiful purple coloring is revealed. 

Materials: Original signed, acrylic painting on 1/8” inch flat Aquabord panel mounted in a warm gold bamboo frame.

Size: 7 ¼ ”x 7 ¼ ”

Frame details: Gold bamboo, wood, matted with glass, 1 ¼” deep, ready to hang.

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