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Tiger Nautilus 36" x 48"

$ 1,800.00

The coiled top if the Nautilus Shell has wild, tiger like stripes while the inside has a soft, pearlescent tone.  Its unique coloration gives one the feeling that the shell itself is alive.

Because it is so unique and special, the amazing chambered nautilus is becoming endangered. According to the New York times, between 2005-2008, over a half million nautilus shells were killed and imported to the USA alone. These ancient creatures are being driven to the brink of extinction, because we like to use their shells as home decorations or jewelry.  

Sadly, nautiluses currently have very few protections and no restrictions when it comes to international trade.  There's an easy choice here: instead of buying a nautilus shell, purchase a painting of one instead!   Chances are a painting will last a lot longer and the life spared for the nautilus is far more beautiful than its mortal coiled shell. 

Materials: Original, signed acrylic painting on canvas.

Size: 36" x 48"

Frame details: unframed on 1 ½ "profile canvas with painted sides, eliminating the need for framing altogether. If preferred, can be framed using a floater frame.

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